Quick and easy tips to getting the most basic storytelling ideas


Using storytelling in copywriting helps your brand connect with followers. You can do this with a blog even if its priority is for search engine optimisation. You can also share short posts on Facebook. The best stories connect the brand with their readers’ emotions and show them what else the brand and their ‘people’ do besides creating and selling products.
Copywriting a story isn’t necessarily complicating or difficult for a professional. Coming up with ideas comes naturally, with the writing usually as easy as sitting down and telling the story in person. Conversational.

Here are five ways a copywriter could come up with some creative storytelling ideas for your story. See if you can do the same…

  1. Keep a close eye on the timing: Is something happening outside the brand (in the real world) that is easily linked to the brand or what’s going on within the brand?
  2. Steal inspiration from your own product: How was it designed? Who designed it? Why? What’s its story?
  3. Introduce your staff: Talk about the people behind the work, behind the ideas and behind the successes of the brand.
  4. Share some insider ‘secrets’: How does this or that work? Share a little of what only the ‘insiders’ know about. What’s the real reason behind some of the mysterious decisions management made?
  5. Ask your customers/followers to share their stories: Once you’ve gathered enough from them, work with their stories to summarise the discussion.

These are just the basic and easy ways to kick-start your storytelling when you’re your own copywriter. Once you start writing story after story, you will receive feedback that can be used to improve the next.

What other basic ways do you use to come up with storytelling ideas?

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    • That’s great. I love that you can grab inspiration like that. Another tip is to pretend you just met up with a friend for a cuppa. What would you tell them today to make them go ‘wow’?

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