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You’ve spent countless hours, days or weeks perfecting your masterpiece. You’ve written your lyrics, composed the music… and now it’s perfect and ready for the world to hear. But first, you need to get the word out.

That’s where a music PR copywriter comes in.

I offer PR writing packages for local musicians from Perth who need a professional writer to write what they need to promote themselves and get exposure in the media, events and blogs.

On-demand PR writing services for musicians and bands

This service is in response to requests I received to offer reasonably priced writing packages for musicians, including things such as writing musician About Us pages, musician bios, band bios, media releases, blog posts, posters, band emails, social media pages and more. Everything that a musician or band needs to help them stand out and pitch their talent.

And by “reasonably priced” I mean prices that won’t send you broke. I’ll tailor your package to suit your specific needs and budget. There’s no point offering you services that you don’t need, right?

So here I am… I’m here to help you get noticed, market your music and sell tickets.

A PR writer with a music and PR background

Although not a professional musician, I come from a musical family. I used to play the flute and attended music school twice a week from when I was six years old until I turned 17.

I learned to read, write and play music (primarily in French… “Do, Re, Mi, Fa, Sol”) and even sang with my family in a song competition! My brothers, sister and dad played different instruments while my mum and I sang! We won second prize.

I also come to you with journalism experience. I worked in television mostly, where my work involved writing TV spots for musicians and bands. I currently volunteer on RTR FM and write for the Curtin University’s student magazine Grok.

I have also written and edited many blog posts, award submissions and media releases for different clients.

This means I bring with me the insider secrets for getting you and your band featured in magazines and interviews in the media, which means you’ll reach and attract new fans faster.

Professional PR writing packages to help you stand out

As part of my role as your writer, I guide you on your PR journey and write the messages that would help you deliver successful pitches (and my rates won’t break your bank).

The press releases and media pitches are written in a press-ready format to help you reach radio presenters, music editors and journalists who will be keen to either feature your articles word for word or invite you for an interview.

You can then repurpose the content for your blog, email and social media campaigns, giving you fresh material you can use for additional exposure.

Plus, I give you helpful PR tips for getting picked up by the news without even having to pitch a story.

And when you need sales writing to help boost ticket sales, you’ll know who to call to get it done.

Most importantly, I make the time to get to know you and your music, so I can accurately tailor what I write instead of using a copy-paste formula for everyone. After all, you’re unique and so should everything I write for and about you.

Ready to get your story and your music heard? Get in touch with me today to find out how I can help you get free publicity and maximise return on press coverage. I’m based in Rockingham but can work with musicians from all over Australia.

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