What type of writer do you want?

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Need a copywriter but can’t figure out which type of copywriter to choose?

Do you prefer someone who can tell your story, sell your unique value proposition and motivate people to take action? Someone who doesn’t fill pages with unnecessary fluff and who won’t make you sound pushy nor aggressive?

Would you like to work with an experienced copywriter who also knows how to optimise your copy to help improve your ranking and increase conversion?

Why you need a copywriter

Copywriting means writing to promote, advertise, sell or market your business, products, and services. So we’re aiming to improve sales.

Content writing is when you write for engagement and entertainment, or to make people linger longer on your website.

While I do both, some writers who advertise as copywriters don’t know the crucial elements needed in promotional, advertising, sales or marketing copy.

What I’m trying to say is copywriting is a skill that many writers just haven’t learned.  I know this, because every time I talk to writers, many ask ME for tips on how to write copy that sells. Their writing may be good and ‘creative’ and engaging, but it doesn’t make you want to buy.

If you want results, then you need a copywriter who knows how to do all of the above, plus more.

They should know what to write to convince your audience to trust you and your solutions enough to make contact with you.

They should know how to structure copy, including where to place your headline, testimonials, guarantee and call to action for better conversion. They should also know how to inject emotion and when to mention features, benefits, and price.

You need a writer, not a robot

If they’re writing for your website or other online content, your copywriter should know how to target people and search engines at the same time… without making you sound desperate and spammy.

You need a good storyteller

And if they’re a true master at emotional storytelling with a good imagination and creative mind, then that’s the bonus for you… they would make keywords appear natural in a clever way… and they would make your readers nod in agreement with you as they read along.

You need a proactive copywriter

They also keep up to date with what’s going on in the marketing world so they can advise you on the pros and cons and the strategies you should try for your specific business and sector.

You need an honest copywriter

But most important of all, they are honest and can tell you when your copy is shit… and they’re brave enough to tell you when they don’t know the answer. They wouldn’t stop there, though. They go out of their way to help you find the answer.

By the way, I’ve just described exactly the type of person you get when you work with me… and I have a whole lot more to share with you!

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