Tips for men: How to nail the perfect Mother’s Day message

how to write a mother's day message

If you’re sick and tired of your sisters outdoing you with their well-crafted, emotional ‘poems’ every time Mother’s Day comes around… or if you just wish you were creative enough to scribble a decent Mother’s Day message for your mum, then stick with me.

But first, make sure you buy a Mother’s Day card that has a blank page inside (on the left-hand side), because we would need a lot of space to write. I suggest a card that’s completely blank inside.

Trust me, because your mum loves you she’s going to read every word, twice if not more! If she can handle a gossip magazine article, mum’s happy to read your note.

Draft your message on a piece of paper first so you nail it before writing in the card.

Thank mum for everything she’s done.

Were you a troublemaker when growing up? Did mum nurse your bruised body many times because of football? Did she stay by your hospital bed for days because you just had to do that ‘dumb’ thing? And as an adult, did mum lend you money, pick you up from the pub, or watch the kids for you? Start scribbling down a meaningful thank you. Be sweet, thank her for going out of her way and putting your needs before hers.

You get even more points if you tell mum, “you were there for me when…”

Thank her for her wise words.

“Thanks, mum, for showing me the way when I was lost. I’m glad I listened to you all these years…” That kind of thing. This is the most beautiful thing you could include in your message because mums are often told they don’t actually know best. But if your mum’s always on your side and giving you great advice that help you win in life, then let her know how much you’ve appreciated her guidance.

You get more points if you tell mum, “you really helped me to achieve great things”.

Mention your plan to spend time with her.

If you’ve been spending too much time away from mum, this is the time to let her know you’re aware she’s missing you. Let her know you plan to make up for it and that you want to spend a lot more time with her in the near future. If you’re living in another town or country, let her know you’ll call more often.

You’ll get more points if you include the words “family”, “too long” and “miss you”.

Use “You” more than “I” and “Me”.

A message to mum is about mum, not you. So once you’re done writing, go back and rewrite the sentences where you made it about you. Make them about mum, “us”,  and “you and me”.

You’ll get more points if you let mum know she deserves a fantastic Mother’s Day and that you would love to pamper her.

Draw a heart in the sign off.

Yup! When you sign your name, instead of writing “xoxo” or “Love John”, why not draw a little heart just for mum? You’ll make butterflies flutter in her heart. I swear. Better yet, draw a stick picture of your mum and you holding hands! OK, that’s probably going a little too far for a grown man. But I bet it would make your mum smile.

You’ll get more points if you colour the heart pink. Grab a crayon, dude!

Insert a gift card, write “special” on it.

Even though you’re already giving mum a gift, I suggest you get a gift card as well that can fit in the card. Mum loves surprises. She’ll think you’re so thoughtful and caring, and she’ll tell all her friends and colleagues that her son not only wrote the best Mother’s day message, ever… but that he also gave her more than one gift this year.

You’ll get more points if you write something sweet on the gift card – not the boring “To mum”. Try “To a very special mum”.

Seal the Mother’s Day message with a sweet statement.

Now that you’re done with the card, use the envelope to write something short. To give mum a taste of what’s inside the card, write a statement that could make her burst into tears as she caresses the words. Try something like “To the most wonderful, most caring, and most beautiful soul in the world”.

You’ll get more points if you write in a way that makes it easy to photograph when mum wants to share it on Facebook!

There you go, easy, yeah?

Congratulations. I promise mum would think “that’s so beautiful, sweetheart!” – or something like that.

Good luck!

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