How to add and delete comments in Microsoft Word

How to add or delete comments in ms word

When you’re using Microsoft Word to work on copy or content with other people, just like I do with my press release clients, it’s less painful and more helpful if you leave feedback directly within the document. No need to insert the feedback into an email and making the other people go back and forth between the email and the Word document.

So, how to add and delete comments in Microsoft Word? Here’s the easiest way to do it:

1. Highlight where you want to insert the comment. Here, I want to insert the comment on the words Microsoft Word.

How to add a comment in Microsoft Word
2. Go to the Review tab to access the editing tools. The button for Show Comments is usually activated.

Add and delete comments in Word
3. Click on New Comment to add your first comment.

Add a new comment in MS Word

4. Type your comment. NOTE: If you delete the highlighted words, your comment will be deleted.

New comment in MS Word

5. Save your document.

The other person can now click Reply to respond to your comment, or can click Resolve if they’ve addressed the issues that you raised in your comment. They can then save and return to you so you can do the same.


How to reply to, delete or resolve a comment in Microsoft Word

If you want to delete or resolve a comment, simple right-click on the comment and select Reply, Delete or Resolve.

How to Reply to, Delete or Resolve a Comment in MS Word



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