Big ideas: 10 types of Tweets for small business

tweets for small business

Wondering how to use Twitter for your business? Well, you’re in luck. Today I’m handing you this guide designed to provide social media copywriting ideas for Twitter. They should make you win some ‘Favourites’, replies or reTweets. Try them a few times to see which ones work best for your business.

Rules for writing Tweets for small business

Like mentioned in my post on what to tweet at the end of the financial year, I recommend three simple rules when copywriting for social media:

Rule #1: Tweet more content from others or about others so that 80% of your Tweets contain links to their content, are reTweets of their Tweets or replies to their Tweets. For example, share your favourite blog posts and Tweets from your favourite businesses or your most popular followers. The other 20% of your Tweets can be about you to show the ‘human side’ the business, the things happening behind the scenes and the characters who make them happen (i.e. talk about the business owner, the team members, the business/brand and its activities).

Rule #2: Each fresh newsy Tweet should be scheduled in the morning then reworded and scheduled for later in the day, perhaps in the afternoon and again at night. This means you’ll be posting a Tweet more than once but in new words so as not to make you appear like a parrot (or lazy).

Rule #3: Vary your Tweets so that you’re not posting only special deals or news. Posting only one type of Tweet could get annoying and eventually cause followers to start unfollowing you.

types of tweets for small business

Big ideas: 10 types of Tweets for small business

Social media copywriting for small business involves some easy steps:

Type > Schedule > Share > Respond > Retweet > Repeat

With the rules above in mind, start drafting a Tweet for each of the types that I’ve listed below. Do this in a Word document and work on them over a few days until they appear perfect. Remember, you only have 140 characters to work with. Make every word one of them count.

1. Show off last year’s achievements

What did you do last year that was good and made you proud? Did you win some awards? If so, tweet a photo or two. Did you successfully launch a new product or service? Maybe others have said something great about your business, services or products. If so, share it with your followers. Tell them about last year and why it was awesome.


“Remember when John Smith, our copywriter accepted ‘The Ultimate Web Writing Award’ at the ABCs in November 2014?” <add photo of John receiving award>

“WOW! Here’s a photo of John Smith speaking with a group of students about what we did to reach 100K Twitter followers.” <add photo>

2. Post a selfie to show what you’re doing right now

What are you doing that’s worth sharing? Are you redecorating? Perhaps you’re about to walk into a room where you’ll be interviewing new employees. Or maybe you’re sitting down with your copywriter to discuss copywriting for a new website? If you’re running a webinar, hosting an event or sponsoring one, tell your followers about it and maybe they might even attend it or retweet your Tweet.


“This is what a kangaroo selfie looks like. We’re supporting the local petting zoo today, come down to 123 Smith Street for a BBQ!”<add a selfie with the kangaroo>

“Before his meeting with the prime minister, CEO Jack Smith snapped a #selfie this morning at #Burswood!” <add a selfie>

3. Share the news about what’s coming

People are always looking for something to do, new places to discover or to be the first to share the information about it with others. What’s on your plan for this year or quarter? Are you going to open a new branch, launch a new product or sponsor a new cause?


“To ease your fashion pains as we enter 2015, our Perth stylist JJ is jumping online next to answer all your Tweets! #JJMyFashion.” <add a photo of JJ>

“Add this to your bucket list
” <add photo or link to an event that’s coming up>

4. Post some OK-to-share confessions Ă  la Show and Tell

Everyone wants to know the man/woman behind the business. Snap some photos of your favourite things and use them in your business Tweets. You can also share links to your favourite topics. If you love to travel, share your positive opinion about your favourite hotels, airlines and places to visit. If you’re reading a book and would recommend it, snap a shot and tell the world about your love for the book or books in general.


“Confession: My business partner complains all the time but I didn’t realize it until this morning when the cafe next door opened late – I’m addicted to coffee. #Confessions <add a photo of coffee cup with your logo in view>”

#CONFESSION I caved and bought two trips to Melbourne as a present to myself this year 🙂 #sorrynotsorry haha” <add photo Melbourne>

5. Show some love for other people’s Tweets

Scroll through your Twitter followers list to find your typical fans/customers or some top influencers in your niche. Avoid competing businesses as they are following you just to be nosey. Whoever you pick should have fresh Tweets posted in the last five days. ‘Favourite’, reply to and retweet some of the good Tweets
 but be sure you know and approve of what’s at the other end of any links before retweeting. Hopefully you’ll grab your followers’ attention and they’ll each retweet your content.


“Pls send us their details. @YourFollower: My copywriter saved us hundreds of hours of writing! Soon we’ll discuss launching a blog.”

“Yes, please! Who else would rather be relaxing at Nanarup Beach in right now? Photo: @susannavitikainen (via IG)”

6. Engage followers with questions

Crafted with care, questions tend to trigger more engagement. You could start with questions like “What were your toughest <your specialty>challenges last year?” (e.g. “What were your toughest copywriting challenges last year?”), and tag an image created with a quote about your specialty from a ‘guru’. Or you could enlist your followers to help you solve your problems, e.g. “Which special cause are you supporting this year?” or a similar question to help you decide who to support. Don’t forget competitions.


“For a chance to WIN a FREE 30-day pass to ABC Gym, simply reply and tell us about your toughest fitness challenge in 2014.”

“Which version of our proposed logo is your favourite? Vote here! <link> #Poll”

7. Stimulate interest through piggybacking or news-jacking

I recommend that you take good care with this one so that you’re not using the wrong opportunity to promote your business. You don’t want to end up being accused of using someone else’s misfortune to build your fortune! In this template, I’m piggybacking onto Valentine’s Day:


“This Valentine’s Day, sponsor your wife a copywriting package for her new business! That’s true love right there!#ValentinesDay.”

“Now that you’ve seen our client Jane Smith on the #MorningShow, see how our short media release scored her the gig!” <add a link>

8. Teach what you’re good at doing

Is there anything you can teach your followers and that has to do with your product or services? Share a tip for “how to improve
”, “how to use
” and “how to get rid of


“Don’t forget to avoid washing your XYZ Brand t-shirts. Take them to your dry cleaner! More on our website at <insert your link> #YourHashtag”

“Visit our Pinterest board to access our free step-by-step guide to baking a Mickey Mouse cake from scratch! #baking” <add link>

9. Pique interest with a good meme

Who else likes a good meme? Pique your followers’ interest with a meme that promotes what you do. Make it fun but clever.


“You know you need a new carpet when yours starts to feel like concrete!”

“One does not simply allow DVDs to collect dust. Trade them for new ones TODAY! <link>”

10. Tweet your special deals
 with photos

You can never go wrong with discounts and other special offers. Everyone loves a good bargain and those who really need what you’re offering will definitely take advantage of your offers. Others who are not ready to buy would take note for next time or share the Tweets with their followers.


“Who else wants 50% off our copywriting packages this month? Click for more <link>!”

“Only 3 HOURS LEFT to snap up my Guide to Growing Berries for only $4.99. #gardening” <add link>

Building a Twitter community takes time

Your first Tweets may not be as slick as you want, but with time you’ll sharpen them, I’m sure. The same goes with engagement. It will be slow at first, but it should increase once you start to boost your timeline with new Tweets.

The idea is to keep your brand top of mind, while also encouraging conversation and attracting new business.

Still stuck? Ask me about social media copywriting

If you’re finding social media copywriting too tricky, email me for a quote and I’ll write some Tweets specifically for you. You’ll then use them as templates for future Tweets. Email me right now!

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    • Hi Sarah. The good thing is if you’re promoting useful and relevant topics or special deals, people won’t mind you promoting. With time, it also won’t be so awkward. I found Facebook and Google+ more awkward, though. I feel like people are watching.

  1. I’m not great at using Twitter, so this post has been really helpful! I really want to better utilize social media this year.

    • Hi Lisa. I think the best way to boost your use of social media is to focus on one channel, get good at it then move to the next while you automate the previous by scheduling your posts. I use to schedule my posts and it’s incredibly useful.

  2. This is a great post. I am diving into my Twitter fast and furious now. I used to overlook Twitter, but it’s a great tool. I also tweet for my full time job and it needs a boost as well. I am saving this post for future reference. Thanks for the tips! How do you feel about sharing quotes?

    • Hi Michelle. Quotes are great as well but I think if you dig further and share quotes that people rarely see, then you’re adding more value. People are learning new stuff from you and will tend to reply to say “I totally agree with you”. If it’s something too popular, they won’t find it interesting. As an example, you might want to quote a speaker, another blogger or a popular actor/singer who rarely gets quoted.

  3. I NEED to bookmark this post for later! lol. I’m doing ok with FB but Twitter I am AWFUL with! Thank you for sharing!!!

  4. These are great tips. I’ll admit, I don’t use twitter much but I always auto tweet out the pictures I post from Instagram. I need to get better with Twitter, this should help me!! Thanks!!

  5. Hi Rhonda,
    Thanks for this article, I’m just getting started on twitter and find the whole process very daunting and not sure exactly what I should be talking about. Thanks so much!


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