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automated emails

Are you using automated emails to communicate with your subscribers? In a guest post over at Agent Mystery Case, I discuss pre-written sets of messages that you can send to customers or prospects over a period of time.

I’m not talking about newsletters or your typical ‘thanks for subscribing’ but the type of automated email sequence to inform and educate your subcribers,¬†remind them that you’re still here for when they need you, and enable two-way¬†communication with them.

Automated email marketing like this is often refered to as drip marketing done through¬†autoresponders. It’s best used when you know who your subscribers are, why they signed up, what they’re into, what they expect from you and what solutions you can match with their problems.

Come and read at¬†Agent Mystery Case¬†and¬†let me know if it’s¬†something you’d like me to help you with, I can work with your prefered sequence template with a rewrite¬†or work with you to design your unique sequence.

Do you need someone to set up and manage your automated system? Let me know and I can refer you to a marketer I work with.


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