Are you violating this Google rule? NoFollow your links!


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Are you posting adverts or sponsored posts on your blog? Or maybe you’re a business who is sponsoring bloggers to write about you, your products or services.

google nofollow linksI’m guest posting over at Silver Sparrow Social Media, how of Katrina Bennetts, a Social Media Consultant from Adelaide, South Australia. Silver Sparrow Social Media helps you build your brand online.

Here’s an idea of what you can find in my guest post today on NoFollow links:

Google could penalise you and the sites you’re linking to if you fail to ‘NoFollow’ sponsored links.

  • Why?
  • And could this happen to you?
  • Also, what can you do to avoid ending up in Google’s naughty corner?

I’ll tell you on the other side…

[cta headline=”Don’t get penalised by Google!” buttontext=”Read more” buttonlink=”” ] If you’re posting sponsored content on your blog and are not sure whether Google could penalise your blog, then you need to understand what NoFollow links mean. Click to read my guest post over at Silver Sparrow Social Media.



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