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Did you hear the one where Pinterest is featuring most popular Pins on the websites of at least 19 of your favourite brands? Yup, now when you visit those sites such as Nestlé, Target and Better Homes and Gardens, you’d be able to check out these brands’ most popular Pins without leaving their websites. I think this is what many bloggers and small businesses have also been waiting for and hopefully soon enough will be able to do the same.

I’m not an overly-active Pinner, but I do like this new feature. It showcases what’s trending and in real time. It also allows Pinners to pin the images right there and then and place on their Pinterest boards while browsing so that they can curate, share, collect as a wishlist or keep as a reminder for later purchases.

Where to check out popular pins

These are US-based sites but have a look.

AllRecipes, Babble, BabyZone, Better Homes and Garden, BuzzFeed, Elle Magazine, Mashable, ModCloth, Nestlé, Random House, Snapguide, Target, Walmart, Wayfair, Whole Foods, Zappos, and Zulily.

However, I was unable to see exactly how some of these sites were using this feature. So a little bit of unexpected #fail right there with the news release.

I really like what Random House is doing with theirs. They list the front cover images of the books that are trending.

Allrecipes uses the feature as a scrolling gallery of pictures to pin or click on to read the articles.

allrecipes pinterest

I’m not quite sure I’m impressed with Mashable’s use of the feature (have a look at it). It lacks creativity for such an influencer. Perhaps they didn’t get the time to prepare or didn’t know they were going to be approached? Who knows?

Why use this new Pinterest feature

According to Shareaholic, a company that distributes sharing widgets and monitors where your web traffic comes from, Pinterest and Facebook dominate traffic referrals and conversion. Shareaholic reported in October 2013 that while Facebook grew by 58.81% and Twitter by 54.12%, Pinterest grew by a whopping 66.52%. eMarketer reports that Pinterest is the fastest growing, and Search Engine Journal says 50% of users have children and that 80% of pinners are women.

This new Pinterest feature is then definitely something brands should welcome with open arms as part of their strategies in their marketing plans if they’re looking for an increase in (visual) exposure.  The crowd on Pinterest will surely continue to grow rapidly and if you are targeting mostly females or parents with children, then this is a source to consider.

Keep an eye out in 2014 and perhaps you’ll see this new feature on the websites of your favourite brands.

Visit the Pinterest blog for business for more information about this new feature.

Are you a blogger with a business or shop attached to your site? Would this feature be of benefit to you and your followers?

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