10 tweet ideas for the end of the financial year

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Need to Tweet to the world about your end of financial year sales? If you feel stuck not knowing what to tweet about, don’t worry. Here are some social media copywriting tips to help you get some good Tweets going!

Social media copywriting tips: 10 types of Tweets for special deals

Wait… first, there are three rules here I encourage you to apply:

Rule #1: I like to apply an the 80-20 rule. That’s 80% Tweets from others or about others (let’s say Tweets from your customers) and 20% Tweets about you, your business and your special deals.

Rule #2: Whenever you post a fresh Tweet, try and post it in the morning and then rewording it and re-posting in the afternoon. It’s easier if you schedule the same Tweet twice but reworded.

Rule #3: Do vary your Tweets and avoid focusing just on your special end of financial year deals. You don’t want to annoy anyone and you don’t want them to start muting you.

social media copywriting tips

The steps are easy, just Type > Schedule > Share > Respond> Repeat

1. Tell ‘em what’s been happening: Did you redesign the shop layout for the event? Have various products quickly sold out? Are you holding a weekly raffle? Tell them about last week’s prize.

2. Tell ‘em what’s happening right now: Are you hanging the sales signs around your brick-and-mortar store? Or maybe you’re visiting a graphics designer who is adding final touches to new images for your online store?

3. Tell ‘em what’s about to happen: Bring up your campaign schedule and share the next event listed – perhaps this weekend you’re offering a further 10% off the already discounted rates. Are you going to announce a competition winner? Or how about something like:

“Who else wants 40 FREE coffee pods with their new coffee machine?”

4. Show ‘em what you like: Look up links to content you love. Maybe go for content that have a connection with the deals or items you’re offering. For example, if you’re selling a book, share a review a reader has written about it. If you’re selling handbags, share a blog post from your blog if you’ve written about handbags (how to care for or how to carry your handbag).

5. ‘Favourite’ and retweet some Tweets: Remember the last time someone ‘favourited’ and retweeted your Tweet? Remember how that prompted you to check their profile to see what they’ve been up to? That’s what we’re hoping for here… for people to read yours and see that you’re promoting your special deals. Look for non-competing businesses who are also doing specials – e.g. if you sell clothes and they sell furniture, retweet theirs and hopefully they’ll retweet yours.

6. Tweet some [crafty] questions: This is a bit sneaky but it works. Ask questions like

“Who else wants a brand new <product> at half price?”

And tag a photo of it with the direct link to your page.

Or even this:

“If I told you that we’re offering 50 hours of copywriting at only $1000 for a limited time only… would you take it?”

7. Tease ‘em… make it fun: I like this one… it’s one of my favourite social media copywriting tips and I’m sure you’ve noticed many brands use this template many times on Twitter. Here, you get to ‘play with people’s minds’. In this template, I’ve piggybacked onto a popular event:

“WOW! #EOFY is getting serious in here! We just sold a whopping 62-inch TV to a uni student, at 50% discount! #WWC2015, here we come!”

8. Teach ‘em something: As you guessed, it’s a great opportunity to show what you know. How about sharing some tips on how to get better discounts? Make it sound as if only YOUR customers get to know these tricks. You could also share tips on how to use and how not to use what you’re offering. One thing many worry about is warranty… and guarantee.

9. You know it’s EOFY when…: Everyone likes these. Here, we’re not seeking a response or for people to join in. We want to pique their interest. Simple as.

Try these:

“You know it’s EOFY when the dad, mum and kids each dash to their own section in a rush to find the best deals!”

“You know it’s EOFY when your brother buys 8 tyres and 4 windscreen wipers in one go – for his brand new car!”

10. Tweet some photos: If it’s 100% OK with the boss to tweet photos of staff and products, then why not share what’s happening and add a bit of ‘human’ to your automated Tweets?

Don’t worry if your Tweets don’t sound like a work of art… just be sure to use these copywriting tips for Twitter to add some value for those reading them. And don’t forget to interact and participate in ‘real’ conversation rather than only pumping out Tweets about your end of financial year deals.

social media copywriting tips for tweeting

If you do get stuck, then have a look at what others are sharing in Twitter’s search results for the hashtags #EOFY, #Sale and the combo of both Twitter hashtags. While we’re talking hashtags – don’t overuse them.

I hope these tips help you use Twitter to generate some additional attention. Happy EOFY!

Need help crafting some Tweets or blog posts? Stop stalling, get in touch today to discuss your needs. As a copywriter I also provide a service where I write templates that you can use over and over.

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  1. Rhonda, these are ten excellent suggestions!

    Thank you, because I have definitely been dropping the ball, with regards to effectively using Twitter.

    And while all ten suggestions are incredibly practical, I can definitely see myself using strategies #’s 2, 3 & 8 immediately!


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