How to offer a PDF to new subscribers via MailChimp

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Bonjour, I’m often asked how the heck do you offer a PDF or other lead magnet to your new subscribers? So I made a video to show you how I do this.

I use MailChimp, so the instructions are for anyone who’s already using MailChimp but just want to make their lead magnet available via email sent to the new subscribers. The idea is for the PDF link to go straight to the subscriber’s email once they have confirmed that they really want in.

If the video above isn’t working, please click here to view on YouTube.

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Let me know in the comments if you manage to offer your subscribers a freebie so they’re motivated to join your mailing list.

What a great trick, hey?


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  1. Thanks for sharing a solid tutorial Rhonda!

    And while I currently use Aweber, I have a friend that currently uses MailChimp, so I’m sure he’ll benefit a lot for your excellent tutorial!

    Thanks so much for sharing! Your step by step instructions are incredibly easy to follow!

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