3 types of gift guides that boost sales

3 Types of Gift Guides

If you’re looking for a new way to use your blog to attract more sales, I recommend writing a few gift guides. The 3 types of gift guides that I show below are a great opportunity to promote your products and services and to give buyers a starting point when shopping. If you do it well and without sounding salesy and pushy, you’ll convert them into customers.

But before I show you the 3 gift guide ideas, be sure to do the following for each of them:

1. Use a strong Google-friendly title that includes your keywords.

2. Either only showcase your own products and services (e.g. your top ten products) or include a general list and then include your products/services (e.g. Best Hotels in Perth would cover best hotels, including your hotel)

3. In each post, use a subheading to introduce each product, and you’ll aim for the same word count per item. The word count would depend on the number of items in the blog post so that you have a blog post that’s not too brief nor too long.

So, if you have 5 items, maybe have 100 words per item, plus a 50-word intro and 50-word outro, that’s about 600 words. Plus, add links to the individual product pages to help customers buy them.

Gift guides by customer type

Since you know your top three ideal customers, you can create a separate gift guide for each type.

Here’s an example if you’re selling backpacks for men and your top three customers are:

  • men who listen to music on the go
  • men who carry laptops
  • men who go mountain climbing

That’s 3 types of gift guide ideas already:

  • Post #1: backpacks that come with mobile phone chargers and headphone holes.
  • Post #2: padded laptop backpacks with special compartments inside for the laptop, cables, mouse, pens and other small items, and that are the perfect size to classify as carry-on luggage when traveling.
  • Post #3: backpacks that have padded hip belts, comfy shoulder straps, ski-carry loops and glove-friendly zipper pulls.

Gift guides by category

This type of gift guide attracts customers who are looking for something specific, such as two-seater sofas, running shoes or camping tents. The idea is to give them several options, especially if you’re selling a wide range of these products.

Here’s an example if you’re selling clothing for women and your top categories are:

  • floral tops
  • work dresses
  • tailored blazers

Now you write a gift guide post for each category:

  • Post #1: floral tops, including tank tops with buttons down the front, shirts with knotted fronts, and tops with cowl necks.
  • Post #2: work dresses, including plain dresses with V necks, shift dresses with wooden buttons down one side, and double-breasted dresses.
  • Post #3: tailored blazers, including boyfriend blazers, corduroy blazers and double-breasted blazers.

Gift guides by pricing

A gift guide that’s based on either a price tag or price range is great for customers who have a set budget.

Here are some wording ideas for your title, I’ve used “kitchen” as the keyword to show how they would work:

  • Best Kitchen Gifts Under $50
  • Our Top 5 Kitchen Gifts for Less Than $50
  • 55 Unique Kitchen Gifts Under $50
  • Kitchen Gifts from ABC Store for Under $50
  • The Coolest Kitchen Gifts Under $50
  • 25 Gym Gifts You Can Get Under $50
  • Luxury Items That Cost Less Than $50 Each

That’s it, easy. Right? And then just write, write, write, and include photos where relevant.

Gift guides are great especially if you want to blog to increase sales during specific seasons (Christmas, New Year, Valentine’s, Easter, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, you name it). The key is to ensure each gift guide not only helps buyers to quickly and easily identify the best options but helps you promote the options that you want to sell more of either during that specific season or on an ongoing basis.

Stuck writing your first gift guide? Get in touch with me via email and I’ll let you know how I can help.

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